A mid-sized campaign that introduced native advertising, social media and print editorial

The Brief

  • To promote the ‘other side of Greece’
  • Campaign to run from May to September 2015
  • Promote Authentic Greece, focusing on Wildlife, Adventure, Food, Festivals
  • Promote culture, authenticity and safety
  • Challenge existing perceptions of Greece & to drive interest in going

The Idea and Delivery

Launch an Omni-channel engagement campaign that aims to educate and inspire readers. Highlight authentic Greece, focusing on the food, short breaks, bears, activities and festivals.

  • Write and publish an 11-page editorial on Greece, and a 2-page Foodie Athens feature, to appear within Wanderlust magazine.
  • Publish a series of online articles, released over a the campaign period to – increasing brand and campaign retention with readers.
  • Social Media Campaign – regularly promote content across Wanderlust owned social media channels - driving consumers to engage with articles: increasing awareness 
  • Email campaign – Regular inclusion within subscriber emails, delivered to over 55,000 subscribers during the course of the campaign.
  • Digital promotion – promotion across wanderlust during the campaign period to promote content – continually engaging with audiences
  • Competition – Run and manage a reader competition within print and online, promoted across all Wanderlust owned digital, email and social media – driving data capture for re-marketing.

The Results

  • Positive reader feedback on print campaign with readers commenting that they were not aware of Bears or Wolves in Greece.
  • Competition opt-in rate of 85%
  • Hundreds of readers sent through to Visitgreece.com as a result of the campaign
  • Average dwell time of over 5 mins per page (Engaged audience)
  • 20,000 people reached through Facebook
  • Twitter engagement, 29 additional posts/retweets